Ask Me Anything

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.00.32 AMAsk Me Anything is Brian Herrera’s current storywork experiment. Exploiting the peculiar interactive intimacies instigated within various “networks” (social media, professional meetings, community gatherings, etcetera), Ask Me Anything aims to amplify the oscillating vulnerabilities mobilized by the act of the query. As both a live and a virtual performance, Ask Me Anything stages not only the storyteller’s encounter with the limits of their willingness to tell the truth but also the unpredictable collision of interpersonal motives — self-aggrandizement and self-censorship, people-pleasing and attention-seeking, pride and fear — typically at play in the framing of both the query and its putative reply. Ask Me Anything is an ongoing work, following an indefinite timeline. Its virtual iteration can be accessed at the #ASKMEANYTHING tumblr, and its “live” version will be staged as the opportunity presents itself. [For a list of where Ask Me Anything has (or will be) performed live, click here; if you would like to host such a presentation, say so using the “Contact” link above.]